We aren't here to tell people who they're supposed to be. We're here to shine a light on who they really are.

American Cadence was founded in 2011 in Nashville, TN. The label began as a vessel for a handful of charity projects. However, with the release of several albums after that, American Cadence transitioned into a full fledged record label. The goal is to give artists the space to hone what they do, so that they can give the world the most genuine and developed version of themselves. We do our best to facilitate that process and create art. 


Latest Work

 "Baggage" by Kiernan McMullan out now!



Click the album cover to hear the latest ep from Charlie Abbott. 

The song 'Watch Me Explode' was recently featured on the Showtime series Shameless


Click the cover below to hear the first single from Kiernan McMullan's next album.

I Stayed the Same